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What Are Lash Extensions?

Lash extensions are false lashes applied to your natural lashes. Each individual lash is accompanied by a false lash, and a full set can take anywhere form 2-3 hours to make sure every natural lash is extended. The extensions vary from one singular extension, to fans of extensions applied. As your natural lashes grow and fall out, so will your extensions. It is important to book fills every 2-3 weeks to keep your lashes full, but it is also equally important to follow aftercare instructions to keep the glue bonds strong between your lash and the extension. If you are unsure what kind of extensions you want, start with Classic! We can build up for fills if it isn't the look you desire, but it's a great way to start. Feel free to send photos for reference of what you wish to achieve, and look through our instagram site to find some inspiration.

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What Fill Should I Book For?

That depends on how your extensions will look at your appointment.

If you have 

100% of your extensions- Girl! You just had an appointment. You're good!

70% of your extensions- We can fix that up quick. Book a LIGHT FILL.

50% of your extensions- This is normal! You've waited a good time between fills. Book a REGULAR FILL. 

30% of your extensions- You might want to come in a bit sooner! What's your aftercare like? Book a HEAVY FILL. 

15% of your extensions- Babe, where did they go? Book an EXTRA HEAVY FILL. 

If it has been 4 weeks or more, book a FULL SET. 

(Even if you still have lashes. They will need to be removed as they're too overgrown and unhealthy for you!)

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~ All Deposits are Non- Refundable

~ Deposit MAY be transferred to future appointment if more than 24 hours notice of cancellation is given

~ The appointment will be cancelled if the client is 15 minutes late or more

~ No-showing with no notice will no longer be accepted as a client 

~ If a problem arises post- appointment, it must be expressed with visual proof up to 48 hours after prior appointment or no touch up can be granted

- All payment in full is non-refundable

FAQs & Policies: About
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