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Lash Extension Service Team

Passionate about Beauty


Paige Hennekam

Certified Lash & Brow Artist

Hi there! I'm Paige. I'm 20 years old and in the Kawartha Lakes. I've been working as a lash tech for almost 2 years with brows added to the menu about a year later. I am very passionate, hard-working and detail oriented, and I pride myself in providing my clients a comfortable environment. 
My other occupation is as a social media influencer- I know, I know. I have around 2 million followers on TikTok where I talk about my life with autism. I am also growing my YouTube channel & Instagram platform where I talk about the same things! 
This is why information like my address and phone number are not available on the website. If you are interested in lashes & brows, please book through this site or DM me on Instagram or Facebook. (I've had people show up at my house before randomly, so we have to take some precautions!) 
I'm very excited to work with you. I love what I do!

Image by Anton Bogdanov


Big Spooky Guard Dog

I'm Macey! I'm Paige's best friend. I work day and night protecting her and keeping her safe and happy. Please don't be scared of me! People think I'm scary because I'm a German Shepherd, but I'm just a baby  Please don't be mad at me when I yell at you when you come in! I need to make sure my mum is safe. (If you come with a treat or a ball, we will be the best of friends right away!)

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