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Caring For Your Lashes

Make Them Last Longer!

At your Appointment

~ Come with no makeup on

~ Wash your lashes before arriving

~ If coffee makes you jittery, refrain from drinking it prior to your appointment

~ Sit still and refrain from moving and talking too much

After your Appointment

~ Keep dry and away from heat/ steam for 24hrs

~ Wash 3-4 times a week with a lash shampoo (can be purchased at your appointment)

~ Oils break the down the bond on your extensions. Keep away from oils found in makeup, spray tans, moisturizers, face washes, makeup removers...

~Sleep on your back or with satin pillowcases

~ The oil on your fingers will break down the bond on your extensions. Avoid touching or pulling on your lashes

~ Use alternatives to cotton for facial care to prevent catching on the lash line

~ Come for frequent fills to remove overgrown lashes and keep lashes full

Long Eyelashes
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