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WHIPLASH. By Paige Layle

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What I Have to Offer

Only The Best Results For What You're Looking For


Hybrid Lash Extensions

Customized For Your Needs

A perfect blend of classic, single extensions and voluptuous fans for a thicker, more dramatic look. To talk about how we can customize your hybrid lashes, feel free to reach out today.


Classic Lash Extensions

Truly Exceptional Results

If it's your first time getting lashes, these are everyone's stop rated. Single lashes added on to your natural beauty to get that curled, mascara affect with none of the work put in during your morning routine!


Volume Lash Extensions

The Difference You’re Looking For

The fluffiest, fullest lashes. The best option for events, or people who want that extra va-va voom! Perfect for those who wear a lot of makeup or need more time between appointments- because when these babies start to shed, it will always look like you've still got the most fantastic lashes.


Brow Microblading

Hair Strokes

Microblading is the art of taking a literal small blade and creating hair strokes resembling and blending in with the natural brow hair.


Lash Lift & Tint

All You, Babe

THE option for those who need to be super low maintenance. With the longest wait time in between fills and the easiest aftercare, this treatment is for those who want a little something extra with a quick and easy treatment.


Powder Brows

The No-Makeup Makeup Look

Have your brows look like they are filled without you having to touch them. A different technique that heals looking like makeup.


Proudly Introducing... WHIPLASH. By Paige Layle

At WHIPLASH. By Paige Layle, the comfort and happiness of our clients come first.


"The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection"